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The Prosthodontic department has started in the year 2008 with the total space area of 14,480 sq.ft, Situated in a good atmosphere and having separate well equipped Under Graduate, Post Graduate clinical, pre clinical sections and lecture/seminar hall. The postgraduate intake begun in 2017 with three postgraduate students per year. The department has adequate number of well qualified teaching & non teaching faculty. It also has state of the art Central Casting & Ceramic Laboratory facility and the library provided with good number of standard national / international textbooks/ Journals/ articles, audio-visual and internet facility to meet academic needs of the students.

Department serves rehabilitation to all age group patients from single missing tooth to completely edentulous patients in a form of removable, partial or complete denture prosthesis and also provides maxillofacial prosthesis for the patients who are handicapped in a form of missing body parts like eye, ear, nose, part of face, fingers and cleft palate etc. which will improve esthetic, functional ability and social status of the patient.


With the introduction of wider range of new materials and techniques the science of Prosthodontics has been revolutionized and taken a new dimension in treatment approaches during recent years. Considering all the income groups and increase in aging population, the need for Prosthodontic treatment varies from a simple conventional treatment to a technically more advanced treatment approach.

With the infrastructure and facilities available in the department and institution, didactic training the students undergo during their undergraduate and postgraduate course gears them to face any challenges they may face thereafter. Perfection and patient satisfaction with excellent esthetic results are the key motivating factors in this unit with due concern to the M.M.Devan’s dictum –“Perpetual preservation of what remains is more important than the meticulous replacement of what is missing”.

Prosthodontics is the dental speciality responsible for the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of patients with complex clinical conditions using biocompatible substitutes, including implants, to restore missing or deficient teeth and/or craniofacial tissues in esthetics and function. Prosthodontics training requires extensive and combined knowledge’s in oral anatomy, oral physiology, materials science, occlusion, esthetics, and head and neck oncology.

Prosthodontics can be divided into two major categories by its function and forms, which is fixed and removable Prosthodontics. Removable Prosthodontics can be further divided into partial and complete Prosthodontics. Prosthodontics also includes; maxillofacial Prosthodontics for facial defect, Geriatric dentistry to adapt aging society, implant dentistry, and esthetic dentistry whose needs are consistently growing.

S.No Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. R.G.K. Shet Professor, H.O.D. BDS, MDS
2 Dr.Prashanth Patil Professor BDS, MDS
3 Dr.Medha bhuskute Professor BDS, MDS
4 Dr. Mukesh yadav Sr. Lecturer BDS, MDS
5 Dr.Geetika Babar Sr. Lecturer BDS, P.g.d.
6 Dr.Anupriya Singh Sr. Lecturer BDS, MDS
7 Dr.Shilpi khare Sr. Lecturer BDS, MDS